Get Ready... Something Really Cool Is Coming Soon


As we are a very young company we are working on our website.

In the meantime you can buy our products on Amazon!

The only authorized sellers of amorcaffe products are TANGO BRAVO OU and PENSO DOO.


Do you want to know how we produce our product?


The green coffee arrives by ship in italian ports. A first company roast the different origin coffees and blend them together making the Intenso Blend.

Then the roaster ship roasted coffee to a second company that grind it and pack it into capsules.

The whole packaging process is made without presence of Oxygen.

We are also using thermoformed capsules with an EVOH barrier inside that prevents oxygen to enter into capsules.

For these reasons the taste remains great at least for 24 months. But for sure the capsules you are drinking are more fresh!

We are trying to break the capsules market offering the best product at the best price.


Do you want to contact us?


Send us an email to info at amorcaffe dot com

PENSO d.o.o. – Premrlova ulica 11 – 6310 Izola – Slovenia – VAT SI94632758